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David Gorton: Variations on John Dowland


Toccata Classics TOC0396, 2017. Longbow, Peter Sheppard Skærved, Stefan Östersjö. Produced by David Gorton and Peter Sheppard Skærved. Sound engineering by Jonathan Haskell and Martin Svensson. Cover photograph by Benjamin Ealovega. Booklet notes by Michael Gale and David Gorton.


1. John Dowland arr. Gorton: Flow my teares fall from your springs (3.55)


2-10. Lachrymae Variations (23.58)


11-12. Thomas Morley arr. Gorton: Pavana and Galiarda (6.20)


13. John Dowland arr. Östersjö: Forlorn Hope Fancy (3.23)


14-20. Forlorn Hope (21.31)


21. John Dowland set William Byrd arr. Gorton: Pavana Lachrymae (4.04)


David Gorton: Orfordness


Métier msv28550, 2014. Kreutzer Quartet, Zubin Kanga, Christopher Redgate, Neil Heyde, Milton Mermikides. Produced by David Gorton. Sound engineering by Jonathan Haskell and Kirsten Cowie. Photographs by David Gorton. Booklet notes by Michael Hooper.


1. Orfordness (18:06)


2. Austerity Measures II (13.34)


3. Fosdyke Wash (16.52)


4. 2nd Sonata for Cello (12.48)


Trajectories: Music by David Gorton


Métier msvcd92104, 2010. Kreutzer Quartet, Neil Heyde, Peter Sheppard Skærved, Roderick Chadwick. Produced by David Gorton. Sound engineering by Jonathan Haskell. Photographs by Richard Bram. Booklet notes by Simon Shaw-Miller.


1-5. Sonata for Solo Cello (18.06)


6-7. String Quartet: Trajectories (18.37)


8-9. Caprices 1 & 2 (2.28)


10. Melting Forms (13.32)


11-15. Sonata for Solo Cello (live version) (16.08)


Electrifying Oboe


Métier msv77204, 2013. Christopher Redgate, Ensemble Exposé, Matthew Wright, Paul Archbold, Milton Mermikides. Sound engineering by David Lefaber and Kirsten Cowie. Booklet notes by Christopher Redgate.


CD 1

Erinnerungsspiel (16.39)



Schmetterlingsspiel (16.47)


with pieces by Christopher Fox, Matthew Wright, Michael Young, Edwin Roxburgh, and Roger Redgate.